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Healthy skin and a youthful facial profile is the desire of every lady. Women are exploring different ways they can use to enhance this goal. Plasma IQ pen treatment has emerged as one of the most effective and successful ways to keep your skin healthy and youthful. This non-surgical and revolutionary plasma technology can convert your cosmetic dreams into reality.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on this cosmetic procedure that keeps your skin tight and young looking.

What is Plasma IQ Pen Treatment?

Experts refer to Plasma IQ pen treatment as a uniquely noninvasive skin enhancement treatment delivering controlled and focused microbeam plasma energy. The microbeam plasma energy reduces signs of ageing and helps tightens the skin. You can consider it to help you lift your sagging eyelids and treat fine lines in some body parts. Some individuals also consider it as a way to reduce the appearance of scars and create more skin tone. Thus, it’s the best procedure you should always consider when looking to enhance your skin appearance.

How Does Plasma IQ Pen Treatment Work?

The treatment includes ionizing nitrogen plasma gas between the device’s electrode tip and the skin surface. When performing the procedure, the experts will hold the tip near the skin to precise micro-injuries on the skin’s upper layer, which limits the plasma energy spread. Besides the energy creating micro-injuries on the skin, it penetrates the dermal layer.

Penetration of the fibroblasts in the dermal layer causes the skin to tighten to leave healthy and tight skin. Remember, the physician will assess your condition before and after the Plasma IQ pen treatment to reduce downtime and enhance healing. The skin will take a few weeks to months to improve as the fibroblast cells start creating new elastin and collagen.

What are the Procedures for a Plasma IQ Pen Treatment?

The specialists will take 15 to 60 minutes to complete the process. During the procedure, the physician will start by numbing the specific body parts they want to treat. The physician will use the appropriate coolers or topical anaesthetics. Numbing the particular body parts keeps you comfortable and reduces the stinging sensation or effects of the plasma energy.

After the numbing process, the provider will start the procedure by holding the pen closer to your skin. Studies and researches show that the provider should keep the pen approximately one millimeter off the skin. The process creates grid-like micro injury patterns on the lessons, across the skin laxity, and along the skin’s fine lines.

How Long Will You Take to Recover?

The approximate recovery time in most individuals is a few days to weeks. Following the appropriate practices before and after the procedure will be vital. You may feel skin tenderness, tingling, and slight burning for a few hours or days after the treatment. During recovery, you may feel continued reddening, swelling and moderate discomfort, lasting for a few weeks. When the skin heals, it’ll produce a pinpoint carbon crust which falls off after one week. It’ll be good to leave the crust off, as picking can cause infection, pigmentary changes, and scars.

Bottom Line

Plasma IQ pen treatment offers the most effective and appropriate way to enhance your skin health and appearance. Physicians use the latest technology to tighten the skin and remove signs of ageing. Choosing this cosmetic procedure guarantees you a youthful, attractive, and healthy facial appearance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]