Everything You Need to Know About Cryofacial

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CryoFacial has developed into one of the best natural therapies to help rejuvenate your skin without exposing it to toxic chemicals present when you opt for conventional treatment. Experts describe this all-natural therapy as the best way to revolutionize your skincare and slow down the ageing process.

What is CryoFacial?

Cryofacial can help create an even, youthful, and glowing appearance. The method involves freezing the face or skin to achieve the results. Dermatologists or specialists use a gentle cold air stream to lower your skin’s temperature in approximately 2-3 minutes. The cold air will help to activate collagen production on the deeper skin layers. The main CryoFacial result is the ability to enhance or allow the skin to rejuvenate itself, skin pores and regain elasticity.

Who is the Ideal CryoFacial Candidate?

The therapy involves a noninvasive cosmetic process or procedures. Unlike the other conventional methods, CryoFacial doesn’t introduce chemicals into the body or skin. While the procedure may be free from chemicals and other adverse substances, it may be risky for the unborn or infants. Thus, it’ll be good to consult your physician if you need to use this therapy while pregnant or during nursing.

What Kind of Results Should You Expect?

CryoFacials take a few minutes (approximately 15 minutes) after which you’ll realize the results. However, before and after the CryoFacial therapy, the specialist should assess you to ensure that you get the best results without adverse side effects. The results might last up to a few weeks, but you can enhance the results by increasing the frequencies of CryoFacial treatment.

How to Prepare for CryoFacial Therapy?

Like other facial therapies, you have to prepare before taking CryoFacial therapy to get the best results and minimize the adverse effects. Below are some preparation tips for this facial therapy:

  • Take adequate water for several days to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Experts advise that you wait approximately two weeks before getting the therapy if you get injectables or Botox.
  • Avoid exfoliating your skin or any new products that may cause skin irritation 3 to 4 days before the treatment.
  • Show up at the facility or office without makeup to reduce the time the specialist will take for the procedure.

How Does CryoFacial Therapy Work?

While having the therapy, the specialists will apply cold air on your skin. The cold air causes the blood vessels to contract while the pores become tight. The functionality is similar to the effects of rubbing an ice cube on the skin or face. Once the skin returns to its original temperature, your blood vessels will dilate.

The dilation of the blood vessels increases the flow of oxygen and blood to the face. Increased and proper blood flow to the face makes the skin look more vibrant and glowing. In addition, the process makes your lips appear more plumps. Some users have revealed that the rush of oxygen and blood to the face has helped to reduce swellings.


What Should You Expect During the Procedures?

Before the therapy, your physician will take you through various preparation steps to ensure a successful process and better results. The general procedures include:

  • Cleaning and drying your phase. Some physicians may steam your face or have a gentle massage before starting the process.
  • You’ll have to remove your jewellery.
  • During the procedure, the specialist will use a hose to apply liquid nitrogen gas to your face.
  • This hose will cover the face for approximately three minutes to enhance a relaxing sensation.
  • The specialists will then apply a Gotu kola cream or serum on the face to finalize the process.

Which Body Parts does the Therapy Target?

While the face is the main body part the process targets, physicians can apply cryotherapy in other parts of your bodies, such as décolletage, neck, etc. Unlike for the facial skin part, where it helps enhance attractiveness; this therapy also helps in reducing symptoms of other infections, such as migraine and arthritis pain. In old individuals, the therapy can help in reducing the potential risks of dementia and Alzheimers.

Possible Risks and Side Effects of the CryoFacial

Despite CryoFacial being one of the safest and most effective therapies, it may also come with some side effects and risks. The side effects of this procedure vary among different individuals. Below are some of the possible side effects of the CryoFacial:

  • The process might lead to oxygen deficiency due to the presence of nitrogen
  • The extreme cold nature of the therapy may cause frostbite or ice burn
  • The process may result in temporary or permanent skin discoloration.

How Much Does the CryoFacial Cost?

Due to the elective cosmetics nature of the process, most insurance companies do cover the cost. However, the price or cost of this treatment will vary, depending on the clinic or specialists. Commonly, the price of this procedure will vary between $40 to $150 per session.

Benefits of the CryoFacial Therapy

CryoFacial therapy has various benefits to keep your skin glowing and feeling young. Below are some of the benefits of this procedure for your face:

  • It helps eliminate toxins
  • Fights acne
  • It offers a strong defence against wrinkles and lines
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation by enhancing blood vessels constriction
  • Reduces the flare-ups of severe skin conditions

Bottom Line

CryoFacial offers the best option when looking to rejuvenate your skin and face. This skin care procedure uses an all-natural therapy to help you slow down the premature ageing process of your skin and revolutionize skin care without adding adverse chemicals or components. 

However, experts advise that you choose a qualified and reliable aesthetician or dermatologist to help you achieve the best results. Consider CryoFacial therapy today to get a young, healthy, and glowing face.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]