How Long Does Self Tanner Last

Ways to Extend Your Tan

Nowadays, obtaining a sun-kissed tan is simple due to self-tanning products. Self-tanners enable you to look like you’ve just returned from an exotic vacation without leaving the comfort of your home because there is no excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds. But how long does self- tanner last?

If you’ve been using self-tanning products, you might be curious about how long it will be until you need to reapply lotion. We have done the study and discovered how to extend your self-tanner and give you a glow that will make your friends envious.

How Long Does Self Tanner Last?

Sunless tanning products are a risk-free substitute for tanning beds or maybe suffering a painful burn from lying out in the sun. Self-tanners safely temporarily darken the skin and mimic a tan while avoiding the damaging effects of sun exposure from tanning beds or the outdoors. In contrast to tanning beds and the sun, self-tanners never expose your skin to UV radiation (rays). Your exfoliating mitt will scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells, which will brush off your self-tan. Though how long does tanner last?

Depending on how dark you want your golden glow, a Good high-quality spray tan may last up to 10 days. Whatever self-tanning method you choose—lotion, spray, or mousse—covers the top layer of skin compared to true sun or tanning bed tanning.

Actual tans remain longer than self-tans because UV rays used in tanning beds and the sun cause a tan to develop deeper than the initial layer. There are easy tips you can incorporate into your skincare routine to assist your self-tan skin linger a little bit longer if you like it to last longer than five days.

Tips For Extending the Life of Your Self-Tanner

+ Shave Before Getting a Tan

This tip might be obvious to seasoned self-tanners, but it’s vital to understand if you’re starting. You should avoid shaving as much as possible once your tan has developed if you want it to last. Therefore, it’s important to shave, and to make it a decent one, before you tan. You should exfoliate your skin before shaving to get a close shave last. When shaving, use a good blade and shaving cream or another hydrating substance to protect the skin.

+ Exfoliate and Apply Loads of Moisturizer before Applying Self-Tan

You will need a really basic skin with a strengthen skin barrier when you want to start applying self tanner. When you exfoliate, it will rid of any dry patches and this prevent the tan from clinging to that dry patches. And moisturizers is needed to make sure the skin have enough lock-in moisture so it won’t develop dry patch in 10 days period.

+ Avoid Exfoliating Cream in Skin Routine

After applying a self-tanner, using any exfoliating lotion will speed up the product’s fading process and result in uneven areas. Double-check your body lotion to prevent using any components that will exfoliate the skin. AHAs or BHAs, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, urea, and retinol are a few typical ones to watch out after. You can use these lotions up to a day or two before using self-tanner, but after that, avoid using them until you’re ready to either undo or remove your tan.

+ Careful When Doing Exercise

It is the most crucial step for individuals who intend to apply tanner during the day. It’s not convenient for everyone’s schedules to self-tan before night. However, if using tanner in the morning, you should forego your workout or at the very least limit yourself to indoor activities. Streaks will appear whenever any water touches your tan skin, sweat included.

In addition, skin-tight clothing and other items that will rub up against your skin excessively while your tan is forming should get avoided since they can also result in an uneven finish. Instead, wear your training clothes before taking a pre-tan shower and wear loose-fitting clothing afterward.

+ Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Keep your skin moisturized if you want your tan to last. While using body lotion every day is an excellent practice (tanned or not) to maintain a happy, healthy moisture barrier, it has a big impact on how your tan looks and lasts. Just consider it. Self-tanner is applied to the uppermost layers of the skin, so as soon as your skin starts to peel or break, your tan will follow suit.

Moisturize your body with body lotion at least twice daily, morning and night routine. The hands, feet, elbows, and knees are places that should need additional attention since they have creases or cracks. You may increase your full-body moisturizing routine to twice daily. It can seem extravagant, but when your tan lasts longer and is crack-free, you will be glad you did it.

+ Avoid Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is fantastic to do before you tan, but if you do it after you’ve got a tan, it will immediately damage your bronzy shine. This one is similar to using an exfoliating body lotion. Dry brushing, a type of physical exfoliation, is a fantastic way to maintain soft skin and promote good circulation throughout the body. To keep your self-tanner fresh, even, and long-lasting, it’s best to put your dry brush away while wearing self tanner.

Exfoliators, including dry brushes, can be used if you reach a point when your self-tan has faded and also you are ready for it to be gone. They’ll aid in the tan’s speedier fading, but be careful not to scrub too vigorously lest you damage your skin’s protective layer.

+ Avoid Hot Bath

It’s advisable to steer clear of hot showers and baths because they can make your self-tan fade. Avoid hot water and limit your bathing or showering time to tepid temperatures. Additionally, put away from harsh soaps because they can remove your self-tan. Instead, choose a mild, moisturizing body cleanser. Always pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it after a shower or bath. It’s essential to avoid rubbing if possible because it can make your self-tan fade or become uneven.

+ Start with a Clean Skin

It’s crucial to clean your skin before touching up your self-tan. By doing this, you’ll aid rid of any sweat or oils that might be on your skin and prevent the self-tanner from adhering correctly. Cleaning your skin will also remove any substances that might have accumulated, such as moisturizer or sunscreen. Use a mild cleanser and avoid using hard rubbing motions to prevent removing your existing tan. After cleansing your skin, you can reapply your self-tanner as usual.

+ Get Enough Hydration

Not only is drinking enough water beneficial for your health, but it’s also healthy for your skin, which will help you tan quickly. Keeping hydrated will keep your skin hydrated and stop it from drying out. Your self-tan will last longer, and you will seem more bronzed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]