Cucumber Extract

LAST UPDATED: DEC 29, 2022 / By Nura / Nutrition

Cucumbers are a really helpful tool in the beauty industry and it is a fruit that is well known for its skin benefits. They are grown all year around, so they are readily available. They contain high water-content, which is why cucumber slices applied to the skin can help to hydrate and reduce skin inflammation such as rosacea or dermatitis.

Premature Skin Aging Treatment

For those of you who are looking for natural and organic aging skin treatments, cucumber might just be what your skin needs. Cucumber contains vitamin K which is known to lighten dark circles under one’s eyes by strengthening blood vessel walls which makes it perfect for those who want to look their best in every situation.

Hydrates the Skin

Cucumber has a high water-content, 96% of water which makes it good for dry and sensitive skin and it also is non-irritating. Regular use of cucumbers can hydrate the skin and prevent it from becoming flaky. It can be used to help treating dry patches and flaky skin.

Antioxidants Benefits

Cucumbers also contain antioxidant called caffeic acid (polyphenol group), which have anti-inflammatory and antiviral abilities and this helps in reducing redness and swelling on facial skin. Antioxidants can help fight free radicals and other harmful compounds. The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumbers soothe the skin to give them a more youthful appearance. Caffeic acid is unrelated to caffeine.

Treats Sunburn

Even though aloe vera is popular for soothing skin, cucumbers also known to have natural cooling effect. Cucumber can help reduce swelling caused by acne and reduce pain from burning sensation due to sunburns. This is great for people with sensitive skin and those who struggle with inflammation and redness due to acne breakouts.