Reasons Why Soy Skincare and Soy in Cosmetics is Vital for You?

LAST UPDATED: JAN 17, 2023 / By Nura / IngredientsLibrary

Dealing with redness, dull skin, and wrinkles can be frustrating. Searching for artificial or chemical-made products won’t be necessary to fix it. The best things to treat these problems lies within nature. Soybeans are the best example; they are very effective for your overall skin. Soy skincare can be beneficial in many ways.

+ Soy Ingredient Improves the Texture of your Skin

Soy is rich in antioxidant that is known as isoflavones; isoflavones play a crucial role in the process of skin aging. Therefore, using soybean products can be very helpful in reducing skin aging. Adding a lot of soy products like soy milk and soy tofu can be very effective in fighting the dullness of the skin and wrinkles. It also makes skin look smooth and youthful, and it may also help increase the collagen level of the skin.

+ Soy Makes your Skin Look Bright and Radiant

The antioxidant in soy is useful for skin brightness; it helps skin look more luminous and even-tone. You can also use soy skincare products to take advantage of soybeans. For example, soy cosmetics such as body wash made with moisture-rich soy can make your skin supple and even soft after washing your skin with that.

+ Bring Firmness to Aging Skin

Stress, busy working schedule or imbalance hormone level can make your skin look dull and it can be very disappointing. Estrogens are responsible for keeping skin plump and hormone levels intact. Some soy products and skin care can cause estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activity depending on every individual’s hormone level. Adding soy to your skincare products regularly makes your skin bright and active even if you are tired.

+ Fighting out Hyperpigmentation from Your Skin

Melanin responsible for darker skin patches which become hyperpigmented; and soy can be beneficial in fighting hyperpigmented as it inhibits melanin from coming to the top layer of skin. This is vital to get an even skin-tone.

+ Soy can Help Reduce Redness of the Skin

Soy provides a soothing sensation that makes your skin calm.

+ Heals Skin that Damage by Excessive Exposure towards UV-ray

Soaking in the sun in summer is an excellent feeling. Still, without proper protection, excessive ultraviolet rays that penetrate into skin epidermis can trigger melanin production and collagen reduction which leads to dark spots, discoloration, and premature aging of your skin. When combined with ferulic acid, it formed a new material called feruloyl soy glycerides (FSG) which have capability to absorb both UVa and UVb light. Soy also contain isoflavones that are present in soy can help boost collagen production thus repair the damage.

Soybean Oil for Skin

Soybean oil is one of the most popular and widely used oil after palm oil. Soybean oil is oil extracted by the crushing of soybean. The ingredients found in soybean oil can strengthen skin barrier function and are rich with hydration retention to help retain moist on dry or sensitive skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to these properties, soybean oil can be found in hydrating face masks and moisturizers. Linoleic acid can be easily found in soybean oil, which helps boost skin barrier function. It also contains vitamin E, which is rich in antioxidants and a good peroxyl radical scavenger.

Benefits of Soybean Oil

+ Soybean oil provides occlusion to the top most layers, which means less water loss and more moisture retain on the skin. Linoleic acid also works as are building block for ceramides which provides strength to the moisture barrier and keeps the irritation out of their body.

+ Soybean oil contains vitamin E and some other essential fatty acids; they all work as a shield to protect skin from pollutants, free radical and toxins in the environment and help the moisture barrier to repair itself.

+ Studies suggest that UV-B light, which is responsible for inflammation, can be minimized with the help of antioxidants present when soy extracts combined with ferulic acid.

+ Soy oil is one of the best products for dry skin and sensitive skin. It provides great support in soothing the skin and reduce irritation.

How to Use Soy Oil?

Soybean oil are both humectant and emollient, so it is common to find soybean oil in hydrating products, soy skincare and soy cosmetics, for example, moisturizers, creams, since you get the benefits of both features when formulating a skin product. Since soybean oil have sealant or lock-in moisture properties, it is best to use as a last step in any skincare routine. You can use soybean oil for night or PM routine before sleep to lock-in any active that you wear during the night.


Soybean oil has been certified non-toxic by EWG but it is not recommended for oily skin user as it is comedogenic, means it can clog your skin pores. High concentration of vitamin E in soybean oil also can lead to break-out for acne prone skin user.