Normal Skin or eudermic is a well-balanced skin, neither too oily nor too dry. Its characteristic has fine pores, soft and smooth texture, good blood circulation, balanced hydration level, no sensitivity and no blemishes, radiant complexion. The transition for this type of skin during aging process normally will lead to dry skin type. Weather might change your skin condition for a short time of period, so it is recommended to use oily skin routine during summer time, and dry skin routine in the winter.
The positive side of this type of skin is you can use any products and it won’t leave any negative side effects to your skin. Make sure the products do not have aggravating ingredients. This type of skin has the lowest maintenance compared to other types, and don’t use products that target concerns you don’t have.

Skin Routine

The key to maintaining your skin’s wellness is to protect it from free radicals and other environmental damage. Excessive exposure towards UV rays, blue light radiation and also contamination subject the skin to free radicals that can harm skin cells. Continuously neglecting it will lead to early skin aging and also start the development of great lines, wrinkles as well as pigmentation. What you need to maintain healthy skin is do a consistent routine, exfoliate the dead skin cell to keep the pores clear, treat with antioxidant-rich ingredients and lock-in the moisture daily, and add SPF to your routine.

Exfoliate > Cleanse > Toning > Serum > Mask > Facial Oils > Moisturize > Eye Cream > Sunscreen

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