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A Complete Skin Care Guide for Normal Skin

The word normal is like something that is balanced in qualities or inferiority. In the case of skin, the normal word works the same for example; normal skin may be defined as not much oily and nor dry, neither problematic nor much sensitive. Normal Skin or eudermic is a well-balanced skin.

Some people might wonder if normal skin means perfect skin. However, even with normal skin, it still needs love, attention, and care.

What is normal skin?

A simple skin is generally normal until it is over oily or over dry and is not highly prone to problems or skin conditions. Normal skin is considered well-balanced, healthy skin and has fine pores, soft and smooth texture, good blood circulation, balanced hydration level, no sensitivity and no blemishes, radiant complexion. However, these types of skins still can have breakouts under several conditions, such as exposing skin to excessive exposure towards ultraviolet rays of the Sun. There are four characteristics of normal skin.

  1. Balanced oil production

This normal skin is balanced with the right amount of oil and water. As a result, it can do several jobs of elimination, regeneration, and absorption. If you have this type of skin, then the skincare routine you will need is not complicated.

  1. Barely visible pores

In this type, skin pores are not very large, and they are not visible at all.

  1. Minimal sensitivity

If you regularly use products like cleanser, balm, or any kind of oil cleanser, then your skin will always feel fresh and calm. In addition, this type of skin will never feel dry, tight, or sensitive.

  1. Smooth texture

As you can guess from the name texture, this type of skin is very smooth and requires a very little skincare routine.

Skin Routine

The key to maintaining your skin’s wellness is to protect it from free radicals and other environmental damage. Excessive exposure towards UV rays, blue light radiation and also contamination subject the skin to free radicals that can harm skin cells. Continuously neglecting it will lead to early skin aging and also start the development of great lines, wrinkles as well as pigmentation. What you need to maintain healthy skin is do a consistent routine, exfoliate the dead skin cell to keep the pores clear, treat with antioxidant-rich ingredients and lock-in the moisture daily, and add SPF to your routine.

Guide for Normal Skincare

Normal skins have fewer skin problems as they are considered healthy, but normal skin also requires proper care and time. Some of the skin care treatments are mentioned below.

Skin Routine

Exfoliate > Cleanse > Toning > Serum > Mask > Facial Oils > Moisturize > Eye Cream > Sunscreen

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliates are very beneficial for removing the dead skin cells from your skin, and it also absorb the oil to provide you with a bright and radiant look. Ingredients such as hydrated silica can help cleanse and remove impurity or dead skin cells to make your skin appear bright. It also reduces the pores on the skin, and it contains vitamins to fight wrinkling problems and improve skin texture.

  1. Cleanse

Cleansers basically are of three types you can choose according to your preference. However, if you have normal skin, you can use every single one of the gels, oil, and cream cleansers.

+ Gel cleanser is made up of water-based formulation typically with the help of ingredients such as essential oils and flowers extract.

+ Cream cleanser – If you have normal skin and face dryness occasionally especially during winter season, you can opt to use a cream cleanser. It normally has naturals oils and emulsifiers to lock in the moisture and do not have soapy texture to avoid drying out the skin.

+ Oil cleanser – This cleanser cleans works by attracting sebum on the skin and dissolving it with its own formulated oil. This provides sebum balancing to the skin and at the same time infusing the skin with essential ingredients and vitamins such as Argan, Moringa and Olive Oils.

  1. Toning

Toning is a process of cleansing that provides many benefits to the skin, like moisturizing and hydrating, and provides nutrients to keep your skin super healthy. Cleansing and toning are just like shampoo and conditioner. In addition, people with normal skin can use mist facials, which help keep skin fresh, clean, and dewy for the whole day as it contains stone crop juice. Toners are usually made up of lavenders and stone crop juice; they also help in the restoration of skin and keep your skin irritation-free.

  1. Serum

The serum is one of the best things you can use to provide antioxidants to your skin. In addition, it can be very effective in protecting your complexion from environmental damage. High-quality serums also help to tone down fine lines and wrinkles. Hydration serum also can be a vital product for people who live in cold weather because it provides hydration to dry skin. One can apply serum simply by taking a few drops on hand and gently rubbing them on the face. Find serum that suits your concern such as vitamin C or Niacinamide active ingredients to fix dark spot or hyperpigmentation concern.

  1. Mask

Mask has been used for centuries to get a smooth and firm-looking skin. Mask contains useful features such as antioxidants which help reduce the wrinkle and give you a better overall look to your skin. In addition, masks can be easily applied, and they do not need much time; only 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient for getting its benefit.

  1. Facial oils

Facial oils are usually applied at the last step in routine, normally after wearing moisturizer when you did not wear makeup and sunscreen at that day. This to create a barrier for the skin to trap moisture after moisturizer layer and sealing it with facial oil. Facial oils contain glowing content, which rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin and can make skin look soft and supple. Single ingredients facial oil such as rosehip can provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. There is also multi-combination of oils sold on the market that packed with benefits for the skin.

  1. Moisturizer

Moisturizer makes your skin soft and supple and protects it from dryness. In addition, it helps the lipid barrier stay strong and support it. The lipid barrier works as a brick wall for the skin, which protects you from dryness and dehydration as it retains water contents present under your skin. Modern moisturizers are available in the form of gel, creams, and even sunscreen. They also can contain SPF protection make it one of the best hybrid skincare products in 2022.

  1. Eye cream

Even though you have a normal skin, you might develop eye bags or dark circle due to stress lifestyle such as sleeping late at night or did not have enough hours of sleeping. This type of skin concern normally happened because the skin around eye areas is the thinnest with lowest moisture and elasticity. Eye cream with retinol, caffeine and peptides active ingredients are good to bring firmness and moisturizing effect to your skin.


If you come under the category of normal skin, this makes you super lucky. A lot of people suffer from skin problems daily, but normal skin people don’t have anything to worry about their skin. This does not mean that you don’t have to take care of your skin; even with normal skin, people sometimes have to face the consequences of not taking proper care of their skin. Natural skin also needs care and time in order to maintain healthy skin. The positive side of this type of skin is you can use any products and it won’t leave any negative side effects to your skin. Make sure the products do not have aggravating ingredients. This type of skin has the lowest maintenance compared to other types, and don’t use products that target concerns you don’t have.

The transition for this type of skin during aging process normally will lead to dry skin type. Weather might change your skin condition for a short time of period, so it is recommended to use oily skin routine during summer time, and dry skin routine in the winter.