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It’s not often that we think of our hands as dirty. But they are. Every time we touch something either contaminated or just not clean, the bacteria on our hands multiplies and spreads to anything it touches next. The process of washing hands doesn’t remove all pathogens from hands. There are many different types of microorganisms on our skin that can’t be removed by hand washing with soap and water alone.

There are many hand sanitizers to choose from to protect your hand from all these bacteria. Some of them claim to be natural and gentle while others claim they will kill 99% of bacteria. Whatever your needs may be, there’s a hand sanitizer out there for you.

Introducing Derma Glove Hand Sanitizer, a product that transforms your hand sanitizer from a necessity to a treat. The Derma Glove Hand Sanitizer, with the power of persimmon and antioxidant rich oils, will help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. It also contains coconut oil to keep the skin supple and moisturized.

The derma glove hand sanitizer is a high-performance, paraben-free, triclosan-free and cruelty-free hand sanitizer which helps people with sensitive skin feel more comfortable and at the same time soothes the skin and ensures optimum moisture retention levels on your hand. This also makes them safe for everyday use.

The Derma Gloves Hand Sanitizer are designed to protect your hands from dryness, cracking, and chapping very well. They also coat the skin with a protective barrier that can shield against dirt, germs and bacteria. This moisturizer has a pH balancing formula so as not to disrupt the natural flora on your skin thus promoting healthy skin. 

Derma gloves have unique properties for restoring dermal lipid and oil precisely where it has been depleted by repeated washing or exposure to chemicals such as hydrophilic surfactants found in regular hand soaps and antibacterial soaps.

Derma Glove Hand Sanitizers contain vitamin C and E to help protect the skin’s barrier against external stressors such as free radicals. The gel also contains light citrus scent to suit individual tastes and preferences.

“This gel will not only provide you with the protection you need but also provide your hands a barrier of moisture for up to 8 hours, so that your hand can stay fresh all day long!”


We are living in a very busy world, and it’s hard to stay away from all the germs we come into contact with everyday. Most of us don’t wash our hands frequently enough, which may lead to the re-infection of our hands. This can be not only unhealthy, but also a nuisance to people around you.

Derma glove hand sanitizer designed to help people stay healthy while they are in contact with the outside world. It makes sure that those who use it protect their hands against bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other harmful organisms that may cause skin diseases such as eczema.

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