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As we age, the skin around our eyes starts to lose its natural elasticity due to decline of Hyaluronic Acid. The eye area is especially sensitive as it’s unprotected by the oils that are present on the rest of your face so it can dry out easily and get irritated from harsh products. It becomes dry, rough, and wrinkled. But no more! With ROC Skincare MULTI CORREXION Hydrate Plump Eye Cream, life doesn’t have to stop just because the wrinkles are showing. What’s great about this product is that it tackles the issues of both hydration and wrinkles with a concoction of ingredients

ROC Skincare MULTI CORREXION Hydrate Plump Eye Cream help plumps the skin around your eyes and lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This eye cream contains Hyaluronic Acid, peptides and caffeine to firm up skin around your eyes, giving you a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Active Ingredients Benefits

+ Hyaluronic acid is a network of long chains of sugar molecules that bind water up to 1,000 times more effectively than normal skin. It is an important part of skin hydration and provides moisture for the body’s cells.

+ Caffeine has been shown to improve dark circles under eyes and reduce puffiness in just one month, as well as promote collagen production. This eye cream plumps skin from within to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, under-eye puffiness, and dark circles. It also contains peptides as one of its main ingredients.

+ Peptide are chains of amino acids that make up proteins – they are responsible for most of the functions in the body. They are often used by dermatologists when treating wrinkles because they help promote collagen production and a good scavenger to fight free radicals.

Hydration is an important factor when it comes to a youthful skin; drinking lots of water, eating water-rich fruits and vegetables, wearing sunscreen in the summer time. But we forget that our skin needs hydration as well. The ROC Skincare MULTI CORREXION Hydrate Plump Eye Cream is a moisturizing cream that was designed to restore the skin’s moisture and strengthen the skin’s natural defense.

ROC Skincare MULTI CORREXION Hydrate Plump Eye Cream is an excellent product for those with dry or sensitive skin as it soothes the skin without having any harsh chemicals. This cream doesn’t leave a greasy finish like other moisturizers but instead leaves skin feeling hydrated and plump with a refreshing sensation of coolness underneath the eye area.

This product can be used at night time before bed or under makeup in the morning. The cream is fragrance-free, paraben-free and non-comedogenic; which means it won’t clog your pores or lead to acne breakouts. This Multi Correxion eye cream is dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested.


This cream is clinically proven with clinical results showing:

+ In 1 weeks of application, 100% samples had a visible reduction in crow’s feet, and improve hydration around eye areas.

+ In 4 weeks of application, the eye contours were seen lifted and firmed. 85% of samples had a visible reduction in under-eye puffiness.

+ In 8 weeks of application, 88% of samples had visibly firmer-looking skin around the eyes and 85% of samples had a visible reduction in dark circles.

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