Healthy, Radiant Skin Goal: What Dry Skin Needs to Know

Healthy, Radiant Skin Goal: What Dry Skin Needs to Know

“Dry skin means that your face can’t protect itself as well as it should from the environment”.

Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition that marked by itchiness, crack and scaling skin. When there are deficient in protein and lipid, our skin tends to loss more water towards surrounding. When your skin became dry, it became more sensitive and exposed to rashes and damaged skin barrier.

The key towards a healthy skin is to find a right combination of product that suits your type of skin and daily skin regiment routine. For a comprehensive daily skin routine for dry skin, we suggest these steps: Cleanse > Toning > Hydrating Treatment > Moisturizing for the sealing purpose > and lastly Sunscreen for UV protection during mid-day.

There are 3 types of Dry Skin:

  • Dermatitis contact – It scattered after your skin react towards something it has contact with, thus causing localized inflammation.
  • Dermatitis seborrheic – It happened when your skin producing too much sebum. Because of that it caused redness and scaly rash, normally on your scalp.
  • Dermatitis atopic – Also known as eczema. It is a chronic skin disease that causing dry scaly patches appear on your skin.

Below here are some symptoms of dry skin:

  1. Crack on the skin
  2. Loose and wrinkles skin
  3. Flaky skin with rough texture
  4. Peeling skin

“Surprising Cause of Dry Skin”

Sometime, acne medication and using Retinol can make your skin became dry. Same as Salicylic Acid properties where it will dry out your skin when you first start using it. This happens because this type of ingredients, especially retinol will loosen the connection between cells on the skin’s surface. To avoid irritation happened at your skin, reduce the frequency of use and apply linoleic acid where it will helps smoothen the skin by filling in the spaces between skin cells. Remember that when certain sign happened at your skin, burning, peeling and flaking, you should stop using the product.

“Home remedies to avoid developing dry skin”.

+ Please stop warm bathing and showers from worsening your dry skin by staying in the bath or shower for no more than 10 minutes.

+ Apply moisturizer quickly after cleansing your skin. Moisturizer, cream and lotion helps sealing the natural oil on your skin. Increase the frequency of moisturization based on your skin condition.

+ Add moist in your surrounding air by using humidifier.

“Skincare Product and Ingredients for Dry Skin. What You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Skincare Products for Dry Skin.”

Dry skin happened when skin can’t retain enough moisture. The keyword to treat this type of concern is “Keeping moisture in the skin”. Skin moisturizers were us to solve this concern. The 3 layers that contain in every moisturizer are:

  • Humectant – helps attract surrounding moist towards your skin – ceramide, glycerin.
  • Sealer – helps seal the skin to prevent trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) -mineral oil, lanolin.
  • Emollients – smoothen the skin by filling in the spaces between skin cells – linoleic, lauric acids.

A quality moisturizer can bring calmness and repair dry, itchy and flaky skin; and at the same time build the necessary natural barrier that will help prevent moisture loss from your skin. Normally this type of moisturizers will help certain ingredients to achieve this goal, such as:

  • Vitamin C – Enough intake of vitamin C can help fix and prevent dry skin at the same time.
  • Vitamin E – Can increase sebum production so your skin will continuously replace moisture that loss toward surrounding.
  • Coconut Oil – It have Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), to keep your skin hydrated and protected.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – A superstar ingredients for hydration because it can help hold up 1000 times its weight in water.
  • Ceramide & Peptide – Repair and improve skin barrier, a barrier that work to retain moist on your skin.

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