Setting Spray vs Setting Powder

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Makeup enthusiasts know that it takes a few tries to figure out what setting product will match your skin tone, type and skin concern. There are many setting products designed for everything to do with beauty, and that includes makeup. While the setting products for things like eyebrows and nails are pretty straightforward, they can get complicated for people regarding makeup. 

Of course, you want your makeup to last all day and you don’t want any crease lines forming during the day, and it can get confusing when choosing setting products for makeup. So do you choose a setting spray or a powder for your face? Or both? Is there a difference when it comes to the two products? Well, tag along to know the difference.

Setting Spray

A setting spray is a light liquid mist spray used to set makeup all in one go. Unlike setting powder which can only be used for specific parts of the face, setting spray sets everything, including foundation, lipstick, mascara, and even setting powder. Setting sprays also will give a softer finishing with a less visible skin texture. The best thing about setting sprays is that they are available in different finishes. Depending on your look, you can buy a setting spray for a dewy or matte finish.


+ When to Use a Setting Spray

Setting spray is typically used at the end of a makeup routine to set the whole face. But makeup rules are not set in stone, and many makeup influencers and users have realized different ways to use a setting spray. For instance, you can spray your face before applying foundation to prevent your skin from becoming oily. Moreover, you can also spritz some setting spray on your sponge before using a setting powder.


+ How to Use a Setting Spray


  1. Finish applying all your makeup, from eyeshadow, lipstick, contour, concealer, and foundation.


  1. Place the spray bottle about 10 inches away from your face. We are aiming for a gentle spritz.


  1. Close your eyes and spray, aiming for the center of your face, then again on your forehead.


  1. Remember to spray the sides of your face, chin, and neck.


  1. Please wait for it to dry for 15 to 30 seconds, and you are all done.


+ Choosing a Setting Spray

When choosing a setting spray, you have to consider your skin type and the kind of finish you want. Setting sprays can either give you a dewy finish or a matte finish. You will want a mattifying setting spray if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin, then a dewy setting spray will be good for your skin’s hydration. Below are a few tips.


  1. If you have dry skin, humectant mists are great for you as they help seal moisture and give a softer, less textured finish.


  1. People with oily skin should choose setting sprays with witch hazel, aloeVera, or rose water to help prevent excess oil.

The setting spray you choose should work best for your skin type. The type of look you want can also impact your choice.


Setting Powder

Setting powders, just like the name suggests, keep your makeup in one place. Modern style makeup commonly uses setting powder on certain parts of facial skin strategically, where you want to keep your makeup in place, hide the oiliness part and have a matte finishing. 

Setting powders to come in two forms, a loose powder or a compact powder, and require either a puff or a brush to be applied. Unlike setting spray, which has a dewy option, setting powders are mattifying. They are, however, available in many different shades, including a translucent veil. Translucent powders are universal and can be used by all skin tones. Tinted powders are used to warm up a foundation.

+ When to Use a Setting Powder

You can use a setting powder in various steps during the makeup process. Setting powder can be used to set the concealer before applying eyeshadow or foundation. It also can be used to brighten the under eyes area. Setting powders are especially great for oily skin as they help control excess oil production. 

If you have oily skin and want your makeup to last longer, you can dub translucent powder all over your face before applying your foundation. People with creasing and cracking issues also find setting powders very helpful.


+ How to Use a Setting Powder

After choosing the powder you want, you can use it on specific areas or all over the face depending on your look.


  1. Once you have finished applying your makeup, then your face is ready for the setting of powder.


  1. Use a soft fluffy brush with tapered ends or a small puff to ensure an even and specific application.


  1. Spin your brush into the powder and dust off any excess powder.


  1. Using circular motions, apply the powder to your face, especially on your T-zone, around the nose, and eyes because these areas get excessive oil production.


  1. Don’t rub or blend in the powder. Instead, just gently press it on the skin.


  1. If you want to set your whole face, use a flat powder brush.


+ Choosing a Setting Powder

A translucent powder is a great choice, especially for beginners, because it goes with all skin tones. Its versatility makes it a great makeup bag essential. 

Compact powders are easier to apply, but they can be pretty hectic to choose from unless you know your skin tone and know how to match your shade. Compact powders are available in almost all shades. Below are a few tips for choosing a setting powder.


  1. Be careful when choosing a tinted powder because they have different undertones. Make sure to choose one that does not match your undertone.


  1. Choose a setting powder with ingredients like mica, corn starch, and silica, as they are suitable for oily skin.


+ Which one should you use?

Makeup is personalised for everyone, and different people have different preferences. Many makeup artists recommend incorporating both a setting powder and a setting spray in your makeup routine. Although setting powders are great for people with oily skin, setting sprays work great for dry skin. Using a combination of both does amazingly good for your makeup. Use a setting powder to smoothen the skin, and finish the look with a setting spray.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]