Skin Assessment Test

Skin Assesment
Skin Assessment
Know your Skin Type

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What is your skin condition in the morning?*

How do you feel after finish cleansing your skin for the morning routine?*

What is your skin condition after 12pm*

Do you have any saggy part on your facial skin?*

Do your skin react to certain items such as soaps, detergents, fragrances, perfumes, household product?*

Do you have enlarged pores concern?*

How do you feel about the texture of your skin?*

How does your skin look like during winter season?*

Do you have any signs of aging appear on the skin?*

Do you have acne or blemish concern? Which area most of them exist?*

Are you prone to breakouts? How many times in a month?*

Do you have sunburn concern?*

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